Zen Meditation in the North East of England

This is the website of two meditation groups in the North East of England. We meet each week to meditate and share our practice as Buddhists within the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition, more commonly known as Soto Zen.

We are affiliated to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, and Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, which provides the form of our practice. Through contact with the monks at Throssel, and other meditation groups and monks within the OBC, we are part of a wider Buddhist Sangha.

If you would like to make contact with the Newcastle or Teesside groups then please follow the links in the menu above. You will find information on meeting times, events and contact details, as well as background information.

Newcomers are welcome, meditation instruction is offered to get you started. Or if you have been before and have lost touch with the group then we hope this site will be useful in telling you what's going on and where we are currently meeting. If you have any queries please get in touch.