Introduction to the Group

Our evenings usually follow the same format. We start at 7.00pm with a short service consisting of an incense offering and a scripture recitation. We then meditate for twenty minutes, followed by five minutes of walking meditation, then do a further twenty minutes of meditation.

The meditation is normally finished by 8.00pm, at which time some people leave early, others stay longer to talk over tea and biscuits, finishing at around 9.00pm. Once a month we listen to a recorded dharma talk given by one of the monks at Throssel Hole.

We also have a monk allocated to us from Throssel: Rev. Master Adelin Bryceson. Rev. Adelin visits once every other month to meditate with us and lead us in an informal discussion. We have the opportunity to ask any questions that are currently 'alive' for us which is a great opportunity.

In addition we sometimes arrange day retreats and other events, and group members regularly visit Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey for festival days as well as longer retreats. Transport to Throssel can be shared.

Meeting Times and Location

We currently meet every Wednesday night in Jesmond Library, St George's Terrace, West Jesmond close to Acorn Road. See here: for a map.

We meet in the upstairs meeting room at the back of the Library, but if you come through the front doors someone will point you in the right direction. The library is within easy walking distance of West Jesmond metro station, and Osborne Road which is well served by buses. There's also free parking in the streets around in the evening, although you need to take note of the permit restrictions and park carefully. Aim to arrive before 7pm so we can start on time.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about the group then please get in touch. If you would like to join us but not have not done Zazen meditation before then we recommend you contact us before your first visit so that meditation instruction can be arranged.

If you have been before, or meditated at Throssel Hole or another OBC group then please feel welcome to join us at any time.

Email Steve :