Further reading

If you'd like to find out more about our practice I can recommend these freely downloadable books as a great starter:

"Sitting Buddha" by Rev Master Daishin Morgan

This book is often given to people who attend introductory retreats at Throssel Hole Abbey. It's a great short introduction and reference to the hows and whys of Zazen, and useful to re-read now and again for those of us who've been practicing for a while.

The individual chapters can be downloaded as pdfs here: https://throssel.org.uk/sitting-buddha-book/

Also available are mp3 files of the chapters being read.

"Buddhism From Within" by Rev Master Daizui MacPhillamy

An easy to read contemporary introduction to Buddhist practice and ideas. It's available as a free pdf download here: https://shastaabbey.org/pdf/BuddhismFromWithin.pdf

"Serene Reflection Meditation" by Rev Master Jiyu-Kennett

A collection of articles on aspects of Zazen and translations of some fundamental Soto Zen writings such as Fukanzazengi (Rules for Meditation) and the Kyojukaimon by Great Master Dogen.

It's available as a pdf download here: https://shastaabbey.org/pdf/SRM.pdf

"Roar of the Tigress Volume 1" by Rev Master Jiyu-Kennett

A collection of transcribed lectures and teachings of Rev Master Jiyu-Kennett.

It's available as a pdf download here: https://www.shastaabbey.org/pdf/bookRoar1.pdf

There are more books in our tradition available from the Shasta Abbey website here: https://shastaabbey.org/publications/